Boar Hunting – Double Tap – AR 10

Boar Hunting AR 10 and AR 15

Boar Hunting with Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR)  Americas Best Selling Rifle

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10
Coming prepared for boar hunting is important.


A lot can happen when boar hunting. The best boar hunting tips always include being prepared for anything. Preparation is key to becoming a successful hunter of the unpredictable wild boar. The AR 10 is a great weapon that is as versatile as it is powerful. The LWRC AR 10 makes a .308 they call “The Reaper”, and with good reason… Having a pistol on your hip never hurts either, the more powerful it is the better. While the Wilson Combat 1911 isn’t  a traditional boar hunting weapon they can hold their own in close quarters.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Loading up before a hunt is important, especially with large magazines.


One of the best features of the AR 10s and 15s is the massive magazine. Thirty rounds of .308 mean you can kill whatever you want. Even the powerful Wild Boar with all its armor and strength can be taken down with just one, or a few, well placed shots. Having extra firepower on hand only increases your chance of slaying one of these beasts.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Making sure your scope is on is crucial to a successful hunt.


Making sure the weapon and scope are accurate and prepared before a hunt is a critical step. Despite any amount of firepower the shot is still crucial in all hunting, even more so in boar hunting. Equipped with a bipod stand right in the front grip the AR 15 sights in quick and easy. Hitting anything less than a perfect shot when boar hunting can make tracking your quarry difficult.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Having two fast shooting guns at the ready is great for unpredictable Big Boar


Wild pigs, and especially Giant Boar are very powerfully armored creatures. A large wild Boar has a shield behind its shoulder protecting its vitals. Over that is a thick hide and powerful muscle. The larger the boar the larger the shield also. Boar hunting can be difficult because of this, shot placement is everything no matter what caliber used. Lining up right on the backside of the shoulder in the center of the beast or just under pierces the plate, ribs, and gets the legendary double lung shot all hunters desire.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Some last minute practice is never a bad idea.


When boar hunting using the spot and stalk method, many shots are close, between 20 and 60 yards. Qualifying the weapon at 35 yards lets you know what your bullet will do in these closer quarters. This is important so that the hunter can focus on his shot and where he is aiming, rather than thinking about where he should aim. Putting the cross hairs right where you want it is much easier than guessing with a wild boar in your sights.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

In the early spring before the leaves visibility is very high. Having powerful binoculars helps to spot distant boars.


In the early spring there are still no leaves on the trees. Another benefit is that the number of leaves on the ground is much less and the ones down are not as crispy and loud this time of year. With the visibility high, binoculars are a hunters best friend. Spotting the beasts early on can give you a huge advantage. Knowing their location can let you pay attention to other factors, such as wind, and move in for your kill.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Being well armed when you start hunting is a great step in remaining the hunter and not the prey.


Hunting with friends and family is a time honored tradition. The memories that are made and the stories that are told are remembered for a lifetime. Going boar hunting with your brother will be one of those memories. Hunting is something shared in families and passed down from father to son. Continuing the tradition is what hunting is always about.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Wild boar live in many different environments.


These Giant wild Boar are adaptable beasts. They live in many different types of terrain. Hardwoods forest is a popular place for the boars to forage into hillsides. Areas with valleys and hills are popular places to find wild boar. They enjoy being high to see potential predators but the low areas make for wetter areas and better foraging.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Hardwoods all the way to cedar forest, wild pigs are adaptable animals.


Hunting boar in the cedar forest is truly boar hunting on the beasts turf. In forest like this you can be feet away from a wild hog buried in the swamp and never know it. Also the forest here is home to many pines and thick areas. This gives the forest a dark ominous feeling, and the wild boar love these areas most of all. Venturing in puts you in the beasts lair.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

The spring is when many new baby boars are born.


The spring is also the time when many new Boar are roaming the land. These pigs are born to smart mothers who watch over them. When they are younger, many rely on their unique camouflage to protect them rather than trying to outrun predators. Inspecting the piglets too closely is not suggested, you never know how far away mom is when one of her babies calls out for help.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

First boar taken down with LWRC .308 AR10.


The LWRC Reaper claimed its first wild boar on a cool spring day in the mid forties. Perched from a hill, the hunter Jesse set his sights on a large dark boar taking up the rear. The shot was roughly 30 yards and the hunter hidden beneath a large pine tree. As the boars approached he assumed a position against the tree, blending in as best he could. When the pig stepped out into a small opening he sent forth The Reaper.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Big boar taken down with one pass through shot.


Not long after one shot was fired taking down a wild boar another group appeared in the distance. This time it was brother Andy’s turn to choose a boar. A group of all large pigs slowly moved in looking through the foliage. From the same hill Andy crept to a small stand of trees for a better rest for the AR 15. As the pigs moved through, it was a matter of finding a boar and giving a good shot with nothing in the way.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Armed to the teeth.


In the end he chose the last boar coming through just as his brother did. He fired one shot and hit the pig in the lungs. Despite delivering a lethal shot the pig moved well for being shot. When the boar cleared the other pigs, he fired another shot ending the event. Andy’s boar hunting adventure got him a large chested and big toothed beast. The .308 AR 10 also scored pass threw shots on both pigs – every boar hunters dream shots.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

AR15s are fast shooting weapons with a variety of calibers, many of which great for boar hunting.


The AR 10 platform isn’t a standard hunting weapon, the difficult part is trying to understand why not, it is clearly a great boar hunting rifle. AR  10s and 15s come in a variety of calibers and features that no other weapon can match. With the ability to pick your poison and get as powerful as you need for your hunt you can come prepared. Another great feature is ability to attach many different tools such as optics and grips to your gun. You can truly customize an AR for the hunter using it. There are also many calibers bigger than the .308 that are great for boar hunting. The .308 is the beginning of the great pig calibers, but they don’t make one too big for boars hunting. On this hunt The Reaper .308 claimed two excellent boars.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Giant Boar Double Tap


Brothers Jesse and Andy had the hunt of a life time taking on the Genuine Boar of The Great Northern Forest. Getting to share the experience together and take two great pigs from the same hillside makes their hunt very unique and special. Armed with plenty of firepower the brothers were able to conquer the wild boar, and will be heading home with coolers stuffed with a true delicacy.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Proud Brothers after a successful day of boar hunting.


Boar hunting is a truly unique hunt, and true, authentic Boar are incredibly rare in the United States. These animals are popular on any hunters’ bucket list, The Vera brothers are just starting early. Having boars hanging on the trophy pole together will make for a great story that will be retold many times. The experiences on this hunt from start to finish will truly be unforgettable.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Relaxing after the hunt and enjoying the comforts of Bear Mountain Lodge.


After the hunt many hunters enjoy sitting back and relaxing, enjoying everything Bear Mountain Lodge has to offer. Having a hearty dinner while your hunt pictures play on the big screen is a great way to end a hunt. Sitting around the dinner table with new friends retelling the stories, the close calls, and the shots after a hunt is a time honored tradition. Boars hunting adventures are not easily forgotten and many people return to Bear Mountain for another crack at slaying the beast.

 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

Authentic Boar tenderloin dinner.


Finishing the hunt off with a big dinner is also a tradition at the lodge. Hunters don’t ever go hungry here. Marinated Boar tenderloin and au gratin potatoes, with onion and mushroom, finished off with bread is a meal fit for any hunter after a great boar hunting adventure.


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 Boar Hunting   Double Tap   AR 10

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